Welcome to the Get Writing Get Published! Solution a unique three day course to kickstart your writing dreams.

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Have you got a message or story to share? Do people keep telling you “you should write a book”? Maybe you have a great idea for a book but no clue where to start, or perhaps you've started writing but don’t know how to finish? Have you put your writing dreams on hold because you don't think you have the time, money or skills to make them a reality? It's time to think again.

Kick start your writing with our innovative Get Writing Get Published! course. Discover how to quickly and effectively create a book that really works for you and your business.

James Dewane
No#1 selling Author of 'The S.P.A.R.K.S. Blueprint '
If you haven't taken the Get Writing, Get Published Course yet, WHAT are you waiting for! These guys are the real deal - if I, a 48 year old Tradesman, can get published and even dream to sell 3,000 in three weeks then so can you. Don't sit on your dreams any longer. Don't let this be one of those regrets, one of those "I wish I had..." opportunities that slips passed you. This is achievable and if it was double the price it would be worth every penny. I can now proudly say: I am Published - I am an Author!

What could a book do for you? What could it do for your business? How will people see you when they know you are a published author in your chosen field? Where ever you are on your publishing journey, the Get Writing Get Published! solution can help you get to your destination. This comprehensive program is split into eight module covering four key areas:





The Get Writing Get Published Pathway
  • Prepare
    The Transformation Target will help you gain clarity on what you are writing and why. The insights you'll discover will guide your decisions from how you structure and write your book to how promote it. The Block A.I.D.E.R.™ module exposes the blocks that typically hold people back and offers practical guidance on overcoming them.
  • Produce
    This is  the heart of the system. The Rapid Content Creator is an easy to follow formula for rapidly creating focused, high value content. Then the Professional Publishing Pathway™ will walk you through the whole process of writing and publishing a high quality book, and look at why even successful authors often incur unnecessary time and cost by getting this wrong.
  • Publish
    The S.T.O.P. Press Publishing Optimiser™ will guide you through the publishing options available to you and how to decide which is the best for you (including possibly  working with one of our publishing partners (see below) if that is appropriate).  The Book Builder Blueprint™ will run through the anatomy of a book and some technical considerations to ensure your book looks great.
  • Promote
    In the Pre-release Funding Formula you'll explore ways to start generating an income from your writing, before your book is even written. The Author's Profit Pyramid™ explores the options for promoting your book - their strengths and their limitations. We look at the techniques used by successful authors and how even modest sales can generate large incomes.

And you will be doing all this in a friendly, supportive environment and, most importantly, because of the unique structure, you'll have plenty of time to put the theory into practice. In fact, as we've proved at past courses, it is entirely possible to have your book completed by the end of the course!

Inspiring, professional and productive - working with Sharon and Lorenzo really enabled me to understand the process and work of writing which is just as important as the creative aspects. 3 months after finishing their course I have a book published and another one almost complete! There can be no greater result from a Get Writing Get Published course than that!

Nicola Tonsager
Author 'Working with Angelic Signatures'